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Glow cube


The glow cube is one of the coolest products in our range. This cube can be used as a chair or as a decoration piece. They are capable of holding 100kg. They are made from a white frosted polyurethane plastic with an internal LED light fitting. The cube comes with its own remote which allows you to change the colour of each piece. There are up to 16 different colours, and you can even select different modes including fixed colour, flashing colours or slow fade between colours. The glow cubes have an internal battery that is rechargeable, and a charge is provided with each piece. The glow cubes are great for parties, bars and clubs.

Stacking height – non stacking
UV protected – Yes

Suitable for indoor use – Yes
Suitable for outdoor use – Occasional (not recommended for long term use, should only be used
Dimensions – 40cm width x 40cm deep x 40cm high
Weight – 5kg

Product – Polyurethane Plastic with internal LED light fitting
Lighting- Between 6-8 hours of illumination per charge
Remote provided- Yes
Charger provided- Yes